I made a design wall!

So I'm a beginning quilter, but that's never stopped me from wanting all the cool stuff that makes up a quilt designer's arsenal.

I've long coveted those design walls I see in all the quilting blogs & would sit here at my desk wondering where in this small studio I could put one. One that was in a spot that would let me back up and ponder my work and be a fairly permanent solution. I have no idea why it took so long, but it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't really need that ironing cupboard that's been hanging there for years. So over the weekend I took it down and gathered all the supplies to make my own! I made the panels from foam core, flannel backed vinyl, carpet tape, and Command Strips. 

I think it turned out pretty great…now all I have to do is sew some of the blocks from this quilt kit I'm working on and slap 'em up there!

Happy sewing!



UPDATE: I see this post has been pinned some and I want to mention that I also used strips of the carpet tape on the front of the panels to adhere the vinyl and not just on the flaps. This gives you a very smooth surface and no sagging later!

ONE MORE TIP: I had two different kinds of carpet tape and one didn't stick as well as the other so I ended up using duct tape as well to make sure the flaps didn't come up on a couple of the panels.