SURTEX - A Sneak Peak!

The Surtex prep is keeping me chained to my desk these days. I got a really late start on new work this year so I'm busting my butt to get a decent number of collections done for the show. I have lots of ideas and so little time! I thought I would share a little sneak peak of one collection I'm finishing up this week.

At Christmas time I received a pair of really pretty tole painted metal trays from my mom. I love them so much and am impressed by the skill of the painter.  I don't know where mom found them, but they are signed on the back by Peg Sutliff, Walton NY, 1965. I wonder if she is still around and still painting.

I am highly inspired by all kinds of folk art. It turns out that most all of the collections I'm showing this year are based on folk crafts of one kind or another. It's been fun putting my own spin on them.

I was thinking a Christmas collection in a tole painted style would be fun to try out. Here is a portion of one image from the collection. The color palette isn't typical for me, but I kinda like it!

So I have 4 short weeks left to get my act together…wish me luck! And if you happen to be attending
or exhibiting at the show be sure to stop by and say hello! I'm in booth #340.