Uppercase Magazine's Surface Design Issue

I've been meaning to post this now for a few weeks and am just now finding the time. Surtex is hot on my heels and it's the only thing I've been thinking about for the last few months. Ask my husband why he's doing ALL the grocery shopping!

What I've been meaning to share is my little mention in the Uppercase Surface Design issue. And, wow, what an issue it is. It's FULL of really good info for the beginner surface designer as well as artists like me who've been doing this for a long time, but are trying to get into different markets.


This is my narrow column showing some designs from a collection I did for Surtex last year. Some of the prints are soon to be released as a Moda fabric collection named Sanibel. It's VERY colorful and summery. I hope someone buys it!

One of my inspirations was this photo and a desire to draw vintage swimsuits. I don't usually draw the figure so this was a pretty fun change of pace for me. I'm thrilled that Uppercase thought it worthy of inclusion in the issue.

Some of my favorite articles include "Top 10 Tips" from Kristin Link of Sew Mama Sew. She shares all you need to know to design a fabric line for the quilting market. She mentions things I struggle with every time I design a new collection. Things like scale & print variety and things I already keep in mind like making sure the repeat is subtle. It's really great info if you aren't already a quilter and wonder what this market desires in fabrics.

Some other favorite pieces in the issue include:
• Q&A with the co-founder of Spoonflower, a print on demand company providing the artist who doesn't have a manufacturer the opportunity to print their own fabrics, wallpapers and gift wraps.
• Top 10 Tips from Print and Pattern blogger Bowie Style about how to get clients and sell your designs.
• Tips from Lotta Jansdotter on living a life full of pattern. My favorite of her tips is visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for "endless inspiration." This museum has been on my bucket list for years, but in the mean time I like to visit their website and dream about that trip.

This issue is chock full of inspiration and advice for all us surface designers…most of whom I will be seeing next week at Surtex! I'll be sure to post some photos when I return.

If you care to flip through this issue of Uppercase, check out the digital version!

Happy reading!